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Christianity in India

Goa Church
Arrival of Christianity in India is as old as it's arrival in Europe. It is one of the prominent religions in India. There are more than 25 million Christians in India. Christians in India are divided into many groups namely - Syrian Christians, Knanaya Christians, Goan Christians, Tamil Christians, Anglo-Indians, Naga Christians, etc. All these Christians community differ in lifestyle, social customs, language and economic status. St. Judas Thomas, the apostle was accredited of giving rise to Christianity in India. He was the disciple of Jesus and was responsible for converting Indians to Christianity. Christianity is India's third largest religion.

Christianity is a monotheistic religion. It believes in one God, who is personal and knowable. Born by the virgin Mary, Jesus Christ is a main deity in Christianity. He is regarded as the son of God is said to have possed supernatural powers. Christians believe that worshiping Jesus Christ, can do miracle in their life and can dissolve all their sins and sufferings. Bible is the sacred book of the Christians. The Bible is divided into old Testament with 46 books and the New Testaments with 27 books. Most of the Christians in India are Catholic. Christians are most prevalent in the southern states like Tamil Nadu, northeastern states such as Nagaland, Mizoram and in western state Goa. Kerala is home to Christians.

Christmas in India :

Christmas the birth anniversary of Jesus, is celebrated by people all over India with great pomp and show. People decorate their houses with the small clay oil- burning lamps. X- Mas trees are beautifully decorated with the stars, lights, glitters, tinsels, toys, plastic fruits and gifts. Churches are fully filled with the red flowers and are decorated with poinsettias on the Christmas Eve. Christians in Mumbai display manger in front of their front window and are also seen hanging mango leaves on their roof tops. Carol singing enliven the Christmas festival with great enthusiasm. People exchange gifts and serve Christmas wine and cake to the visitors.

Churches in India :

Basilica of Bom Jesus – Panaji, Goa
Se Cathedral - Panaji, Goa
Gundala Church – Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
St. Joseph's Cathedral – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
St. Mary's Church – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Church of Sacred Heart – New Delhi
Cathedral Church of Redemption – New Delhi


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